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Issue: The Company Portal and other Microsoft  Apps on Android devices do not receive necessary updates.

Let me put it this way, today’s post is not a blog, not a forum, not a long discussion, not asking for opinions or feedbacks. If you have also come across the issue with Battery Optimization and have not found your answer so far, then here you are, at the right place! We, at cubic solutions GmbH simply believe to provide instant solutions with absolute clarity.

Issue Description:

  • When the Company Portal app is running in the background, at times, it stops receiving latest policies and updates from the organization.
  • Microsoft Defender does not function properly.
  • Microsoft Teams. The users do not receive or get delayed notifications from Microsoft Teams.

Affected Device Models
: Redmi Note 10 Pro ,Samsung and Huwaei

Enrollment Type: Work Profile

Affected Applications : Company Portal, Microsoft Authenticator, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams. These are the main applications that I know of, have problems.

Reason: The Company Portal and other Microsoft  Apps on Android devices do not receive necessary updates. The ‘Battery Optimization’ on the Android phone prevents the Microsoft applications from running in the background . The reason that the Battery Optimization is Turned ON, the Company Portal app does not consume much of the battery while running in the background and leads to situation that it does not receive latest policies. In case of Huawei,  the battery optimization could almost kill Intune service!

Workaround: The battery or power optimization must be ‘Turned OFF’ for Company Portal app , Microsoft Authenticator and other MS Apps with issues. It is just a 3-Step process, that needs to be performed manually by the user as below:

  1. Sign in to the Company Portal app with your work or school account.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Next to Battery Optimization, flip the switch to the turn off position.

Turn Off Battery Optimization in Company Portal App

FAQ (Intune possibilty):

Now you may ask, hey @Salona aka #Intunesiastic! is it possible to configure battery optimization setting  for the specific apps for all it’s users from Microsoft Intune ?

I had come across this situation with one of my customers.  I have discussed in depth over this in the Microsoft forums, with MVPs and my favorite MEM Community.

Answer: The answer is NO . At this point of time in #Feb2024, it is not possible to configure these settings in Microsoft Intune portal.

Future Course of Action:

There is a user voice open, requesting Microsoft Intune Team to make this feature available. I would highly recommend you to share your comments on this link below. After all, let’s keep trying, who knows, this feature might be available with a future release of Microsoft Intune.

User voice link:

Other Reference Links:

Hence, to ensure that your work or school device stays up-to-date and connected, turn off battery optimization in the Company Portal apps and other MS Apps for Android.

Lastly, I would sincerely thank, MVP-@Somesh Pathak for sharing his time and knowledge with me.

As an Intune enthusiast, I keep on listing down the policies, known issues, my own findings from Microsoft Intune and like to share about these with my community- ‘The Fastest Way To Learn & Retain Any Skill Is -To Teach It !


Author:  Salona Sahni Kapoor aka #Intunesiastic

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