Microsoft Azure AD is now Microsoft Entra ID!

26.02.2024 | Azure, Blog

You might think, Yes Salona aka #Intunesisastic, we already know that Microsoft Azure AD is now Microsoft Entra ID! !

So my next Question to you is- How many of you have actually implemented this re-branding in your organization or in your day-to-day conversations?

Ever since Microsoft has announced this change about renaming Microsoft Azure AD to Microsoft EntraID in August 2023, all of us have come across these buzz words and posts around.


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Over these few months, I still feel the need that the people in our network have not yet become used to this new name.

And Hey! Many of them who are not from our field, still have no idea of this rebranding !

All I hear around is – I want to move my ON-Prem to Azure, yes you read this right ! Azure ! Not Entra ID. This blogpost is an honest effort to spread awareness.

Due to this Name Change, is there any Action Item for me ?

As promised by Microsoft, there is no action needed by us. We continue to rely on Azure AD capabilities accessed through the Azure portal, Microsoft 365 admin center, and the Microsoft Entra admin center.

Have the Azure AD capabilities also changed?

No, there are no changes to any Azure AD capabilities, APIs, login URLs, PowerShell cmdlets, Microsoft authentication library (MSAL), developer experiences, or tooling.

All licensing plans and pricing for Azure AD and Microsoft 365 plans that include Azure AD remain the same, with only the display names for the licensing plans changing. The summary below provides easy mapping from our current Azure AD SKU names to the new SKU names under Microsoft Entra ID.

For example,
Azure AD Conditional Access ➡ Microsoft Entra Conditional Access,
Azure AD MFA ➡  Microsoft Entra MFA
Azure AD single sign-on ➡ Microsoft Entra single sign-on


Why is there a need for this change from Microsoft Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID ?

With Microsoft’s vision to secure access, all the identity and access products are being considered completely under a new product family called ‘Microsoft Entra‘. There are several other products in this Microsoft Entra family, like:

• Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, a cloud infrastructure entitlement management product
• Microsoft Entra Verified ID, a decentralized identity solution.
• Microsoft Entra Private Access, Zero Trust Network Access
• Microsoft Entra Internet Access, a Secure Web Gateway
• Microsoft Entra ID Governance, a complete identity governance solution
• Microsoft Entra Workload ID,
• Microsoft Entra External ID, an integrated identity solution for external users
• Microsoft Entra ID Protection, to prevent prevent account compromise

Unifying all identity and access capabilities under the Microsoft Entra name has made it easier to navigate and use all products and capabilities. This ensures to have the strongest protections for any access point.

Customers have embraced new Microsoft Entra products while continuing to rely on the hero cloud identity product, Azure AD, that currently protects over 720,000 organizations worldwide.
Some renowed customers like like Avanade and Condatis, successfully deploy Microsoft’s new products alongside Azure AD, bringing to life Microsoft’s vision for unified secure access with Microsoft Entra.

ID- The Standardized  term for all Microsoft’s Identity Products

Additionally, I would also like to mention one more change in this blog. Microsoft has standardized  the use of the term “ID” for all it’s identity products:
•  Microsoft Entra ID
• ID Protection
• ID Governance
• External ID
• Workload ID

• Verified ID

The visual below represents the state of Microsoft Entra portfolio :


Henceforth, let us continue to share and make everyone aware about the name change and implement it in your own experiences.
Have you already updated your company deliverables?
Do your employees frequently speak about Microsoft Enta ID at the workpalce?
How modern is your Modern Workplace?

Stay Tuned to our blogs for more such updated information. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

As I always say, The Fastest Way To Learn & Retain Any Skill Is -To Teach It

Author: Salona Sahni Kapoor aka #Intunesiastic

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